About Carmerad


CARMERAD is an invitation to embrace the energy and variety of the nature.

A collection of traditional dresses reinvented with a keen eye for details and a unique design is the high fashion children’s label that we make.

The choice of materials confers freedom of creativity and sophistication, combining 100% cotton with linen which takes you closer to the natural world.

The entirely handmade pieces of CARMERAD are enriched with embroidery, fringes and accesories which add character, originality and flair.

Our dresses are made in LIMITED EDITION once a year, because making them requires precise work, carefully chosen materials and original ideas. We believe that this makes them timeless. Each piece allows our 5-11 years old princesses to be creative and grow comfortably in the colorful, flowery dresses.




Carmerad’s sewing and pattern techniques have been improved throughout the years by many courses taken in Germany and are based on a multicultural view from traveling in numerous countries.

These result in technically perfect products, the creation of own patterns and a linewhich is modern, edgy, still wearable.

We attentively and carefully choose and combine the two natural fabrics-100% linen and cotton, being brought from Germany, Austria and Spain.

The thoroughly worked finishing touches, attention to detail, such as the inclusion of linings, fringes and recycling of the materials, speak for themselves.