Our Story


My passion for designing dresses started at an early age with my love for exquisite drawings, however,

the artistic influence derived from more sources in my family. Yet the person who motivated me to pursue this dream

and fall in love with the world of art and design has been my mother.

A key moment for following this passion was the birth of my daughter which made me realize that our dear ones

have pure imagination and creativity, artistic view, they love colors, everything that is natural and comfortable.

This is why they LOVE dresses.

Throughout my many travels I have gathered knowledge and multicultural inspiration from the traditional beauty of the world.

These inspired me to create charming and unique girls dresses.

My brand tells stories through the scents and colors of the nature, the playfulness of children, the purity and joy of the world.


What makes my collection different?

They are autentic, with unique and exclusive design and fascinating range of colors. This hand-crafted quality is

reflected in the fine details and the delicate embroidery of our dresses: genuine works of art.

You can feel the love for texture and the passion for manual work in our creations. We design unforgettable and modern

dresses in LIMITED EDITION once a year since their style is fresh and captivating.


The collections capture you through their creativity, bold colors and stunning combinations of fabrics, close attention to detail,

that you will surely appreciate.

Their style confers you the freedom to wear them at any event.