Orange County Fashion Week California - Spring/Summer 2018

Orange County Fashion Week California - Spring/Summer 2018

I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation to the organizers of Orange County Fashion Week in California. Congratulations to everybody who took part in organizing this wonderful and famous Fashion Show.

It is indeed a media success and an important step forward for the rising brands. It is a great opportunity for the development, acquaintance with and continuity of our brand.

I had the pleasure of meeting amazing people, charming, joyful and graceful models, who were excited and willing to present our collection, called Wings the basic concept is the wings that bravely launch into the unknown world full of splendor.

Our aim was to show that imagination has no limits and that we live in a world of beauty and inspiration, this way we introduce them into the world of creation.

The collection was welcome this time as well with curiosity and appreciation.

You can enjoy the amazing photos of wonderful girls wearing our collection, taken at the O.C.F.W. by Julie Daniels Photography following the link.