Fairy Tale 2016

Fairy Tale 2016

There are many stories in which fairies exist. The multitude of colors, the season, all the magic of the nature are created by fairies.

The fairy girls connect with everything that lives and moves in the forest. It is hypnotized by the beauty of the fairies, it feels their charm. The muse of the forest itself inspires the embroidery flowers for the fairy dresses and it adorns the pale crowns. The river also gives joy, a musical song and crystal clarity like in a fairy tale.

The fairy girls with their magical dresses, made with beautiful rusty flowers and leaves, play childishly. They walk barefooted, feel the grass and the roots of the trees that gives them energy. We can all get together to celebrate every season with its fascinating splendor.


These magical dresses fascinate you with their richness and splendor. The freshness of the flowers makes you feel cozy and confers freedom of movement.


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